Venture Designs

Bathroom Ledge


Part of the Venture Designs bathroom additions is the bathroom ledge, this sleek design is perfect to store those go to essentials when your indulging in a cleansing shower. It features key holes slots for ease of removable for cleaning and a added slot running across the base for aesthetics and to ensure water passes through and at the open ends. 

Venture Designs Bathroom ledge's are made from laser cut 316 stainless steel which is then deburred and folded to precision. As a bathroom item where moisture is in the air stainless steel as a material choice is an obvious decision which is then primed and powder coated in our scratch resistant matt texture finished in black. Even the stainless screws are painted to complement the design.  

Made in: Kent, England

Made of: Powder Coated Stainless steel

Size: 360mm long x 85mm deep x 50mm high