Kaskia Serenity Reed Diffuser


Serenity is about balance, peace and inner harmony.

Its aroma is fresh and bright, with a floral-citrus base and a touch of woody undertones. It takes you to a flower shop, an oasis of delicate, pleasant and delightful aromas.

Aesthetic and classic reed diffuser in clear glass bottle is handcrafted in London.

All [ kaskia ] reed diffusers are plant based and contain only 100% natural ingredients. They are scented with highest quality pure essential oils to give you a natural, botanical scent which not only smells beautifully but also provides aromatherapy benefits. They do not contain synthetic fragrances, alcohol or other nasty chemicals.

The diffuser consists of eight rattan reeds that gradually absorb the oil creating a lovely scent in your home.

Respect for nature and desire to act consciously underlies our philosophy. So it is important for us to take care of the environment by using only natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging materials.

Ingredients: lavender, petitgrain, cedarwood essential oils, rattan reeds, plant derived base oil.

120ml | lasts 3-4 months

Available in clear or amber glass